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Riverdogs Games with Kids

It’s baseball season! Catch a game before it gets too hot!

We love going to Riverdogs games with the boys. The noises, camaraderie, food and drinks; it’s all so fun! It’s obvious that the Riverdogs staff tries to make the games fun for all ages. While the kids aren’t too interested in watching the games, we’ve figured out some ways to make the experience fun for them. (See helpful tips below.)

They often have themed nights at the Joe (Joe Riley Stadium). This past Sunday was Star Wars night so the kids dressed up as characters, which means that they got to wear their pajamas so that’s a win.  Luke was Chewbacca and Fleet wore his Kylo Ren pjs. There were full-sized Star Wars characters walking around. The boys were pretty excited to get a picture with a few of them.

Riverdogs Games at the Joe


Contact: (843) 723-7241

Tickets: Click here. You can also purchase them at the stadium on the day of. Prices range from $9-$21

Location:  360 Fishburne St Charleston, SC 29403. Click here for detailed directions.

Helpful Tips for going to the games with kids:

  • Sitting at the covered picnic tables gets you out of the heat and sun and allows the kids to move about more freely.
  • Have plenty of food on hand and/or be prepared to buy some. On Sunday’s kids get a free hotdog, chips and drink!
  • Go on Sunday because games start earlier and they have free kids meals.
  • They have fireworks every Friday night after the game. We’ve never been able to make it this long but older kids would love it!
  • Check out the themed game nights for cheaper tickets, drinks, kids eat free and other fun activities.
  • Take the kids to the padded area at the far end of the field to run around some.

Don’t be fooled, there was very little game watching going on. The next picture is much more accurate of how they enjoyed the experience.

Finding ways to wrestle . . . And yes, the people in front of us got up and moved away!


I got a picture with this hunk . . . I had to crop the kids out, they snuck in but didn’t do anything nice like look at the camera or smile! By the way, lil Luke likened my “stages of the moon” shirt to the stages of the baby growing in my belly. He’s almost a full moon! I thought that was so cute.


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