The Dreamers

My 3 year old daughter, Elle, came out dressed in her best Princess Anna outfit yesterday. For those of you without little kids, Princess Anna is one of the main characters in the Disney movie, Frozen. Her sister is exiled after revealing a special power and Anna goes to find her. Anna gets very sick… Read More The Dreamers


Dropping Respect

We are being over run with cards. Pokemon. Football. Basketball. Even some golf cards and about 18 decks of incomplete playing cards. It’s driving me bonkers. They are everywhere. Fleet (8) and Luke (7) have notebooks and boxes for card organization. There is an entire shelf in their closet dedicated to cards. Yet, I find… Read More Dropping Respect


March Newsletter

Hey Friends! I send out a monthly email and I thought that this month, I’d post it here. If you would like to be added to my email list, email to be added. Welcome to March. I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to spring. Flowers, sunshine, uncomplicated clothing . .… Read More March Newsletter


Clean Swap Round-up

I’ve been “cleaning up” a lot of our household products this year. Last year, I really focused on personal care (soap, shampoo) and my makeup. 2019 is all about the rest of the house! I’ve had so many people ask about these changes so I’m putting them together for you.   MOLLY SUDS SHOP HERE… Read More Clean Swap Round-up

Working Mama

My First Job

My attempt to sum up a huge part of my life in 1,000 words or less. My dad arriving home from work was a highlight of our day as kids. Every evening, we’d search for unique places to hide in hopes of surprising him as he came in the door. One day, he walked in,… Read More My First Job



How does everyone feel about New Year’s Resolutions? I’m thinking that most of you reflect and maybe set some abstract goals but who’s interested in the “dirty” of resolutions? I’m one of those who loves reflecting and planning. Sometimes my goals are achieved, sometimes they aren’t but I always like setting them. A friend shared… Read More Resolve