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Cleaning with Kids

If you ever thought that your kids were the messiest people on the planet . . . If you ever thought that you could win the prize for messiest boys room . . . I’m here to tell ya friend, that prize goes to us. We are the winners for messiest room and messiest boys.…… Continue reading Cleaning with Kids

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Meal Prep ~ Freezer Session 2 ~ Pot Pie

Before you get all crazy wondering what “Pot Pie” is . . . No, it is does not involve any illegal (or legal depending on where you live?!) substances. I just couldn’t fit the “Chicken” in the title. I’m pretty sure that it’s been a couple of weeks since my last freezer session . .…… Continue reading Meal Prep ~ Freezer Session 2 ~ Pot Pie

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Struggling with Our Morning Routine

I saw a Facebook thread recently from a mom who was struggling with her morning routine. As a newcomer to the Charleston area, she was asking if the 7:20 school start time was normal or if that was temporary. She said that the mornings are tough. Getting her kids to school this early was a…… Continue reading Struggling with Our Morning Routine

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When Your Day Doesn’t Go As Planned . . .

I had big plans for the weekend. Thursday I was meeting a friend for dinner and a movie. I had worked the details out with big Luke. It’s no small feat for two moms to arrange nights away from our families when you have soccer, homework, dinner time, etc. Friday I was planning to go…… Continue reading When Your Day Doesn’t Go As Planned . . .

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Funny Files ~ Vol 3 ~ Mom Fails

Remember those drug commercials from the 90’s? This is your brain: que picture of a nice looking egg in the shell. This is your brain on drugs: que picture of broken egg in frying pan. Well, now: this is your brain before kids, this is your brain after kids. There has to be some scientific…… Continue reading Funny Files ~ Vol 3 ~ Mom Fails