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7 Tips for Camping with Kids

Hey Everyone! Here is my article that was published on Red Tricycle last week! If you haven’t already, would you PLEASE click this link: This will help me tremendously! And if you are so inclined, share the article to your social media accounts. I just found out yesterday that one of my articles (here)… Read More 7 Tips for Camping with Kids


Birthday Work

Just a quick little note about birthdays as a mom. Yesterday I turned 36. I’m too busy these days to get into any philosophical discourse about what it feels like to be getting older so that’s probably a good thing! Lately I am pretty bad at making plans, especially when it comes to any “free”… Read More Birthday Work


Life Lately

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about what’s been going on lately. So, here goes. This is a long, random one! If you follow my instastories, you will have seen a lot of this before. We lost our little dog, Dakota on Labor Day. She was 15 years old and we’d had… Read More Life Lately


Just Breathe

Let me share one of the lovely things that has happened to my body since it has been home to 4 babies in 7 years. If you are squeamish, stop reading. In order for your stomach to expand to accommodate those little lovelies, your stomach muscles separate. This is called diastasis recti. I have heard… Read More Just Breathe