My Top 10 Beautycounter Favorites

It’s the list you’ve all been waiting for. Wink Wink.

No seriously, I am asked constantly what my favorite products are so I’ve put them into this fantastic, super informational top ten.

What I really need to write a post on is how much I am loving this work. Loving it. I have had really meaningful conversations with old and new friends that I might have never talked to otherwise – it makes me so happy that I want to cry. Plus at least 10 other things so stay tuned for that.

Today, it’s my favorite products:

  1. Face Oil $69 – This product has been a game changer for me. I had no idea. We make three different oils. The No.1 oil uses vitamin c to brighten dull skin. The No.2 oil uses jasmine to plump or hydrate the skin (read: smooth wrinkles). The No.3 oil uses ylang ylang to balance the skin which helps with blemishes and uneven skin tone. All use a proprietary blend of plant based oils. My skin isn’t perfect but it is the best it has ever been thanks to this oil. I’m using 4 drops per day mixed in with the radiance serum below, but it can be used by itself.
  2. Rejuvenating Radiance Serum $66 – Serums! What is the deal with a serum? Well, the molecules of a serum are smaller than that of a lotion, so they can penetrate deeper into your skin. Ideally they are layered under a day or night cream. This particular serum is from our “anti-aging” line but I don’t love the term “anti-aging” . . . I’m not opposed to aging, I’d just like to do it while maintaining my youthful looks (haha!), which I feel like are disappearing by the minute. Anyone else? One – two pumps per days, lasts 4-7 months.
  3. charcoal Bar $25 – A few things I didn’t know about charcoal: it’s good at pulling out toxins from your skin and removing them. This is a great option for post sweat-sesh . . . which in charleston, is every time I go outside. Lasts forever – 6 month plus.
  4. charcoal Mask $49 – Again, removing those toxins. I love the way my skin feels after this mask. In fact, this mask is such a well-loved product from Beautycounter, that they are doing away with all other masks. It can cause break-outs (it is bringing toxins up to the surface) so beware of that. I don’t mind a breakout if it means that all that yuck is getting out of my skin. It can also be used to spot treat. I use this about 1-2x per week and I don’t know how long it’s going to last but I don’t even care, it’s a must have!
  5. Resurfacing Peel $58 – I was pretty skeptical of this one. Also, it’s not a peel in the traditional sense, you aren’t peeling anything off of your skin. Apply one pump all over your face and neck and wash off in the morning. It uses 15 naturally derived acids to do ALL THE THINGS – soften skin, even skin tone, smooth wrinkles. It’s a little miracle in a bottle. I’ve taken a before picture and I plan to post an after picture in about a month. Below are a few before and after pictures from other consultants. This product has only been out for a little over a month so people are seeing results very quickly. I’m using this 2-3 x per week, one pump each time and thinking it will last 4-6 months.         
  6. Tint Skin $42 – I am not a big make-up wearer. Mostly because I have always felt like I was rubbing a bunch of harmful chemicals on my face just to look prettier. Hmmm, surely that would have some long-term negative effects. Now, I don’t have to worry about that! I love this stuff. It covers great without making me look real made up – no one likes that fakey look.
  7. Dew Skin $45 – This is our tinted moisturizer with spf. A lot of people use this as foundation paired with a concealer (it’s coming folks, hold your horses). My SIL, who is hands down, the fanciest person that I know, wears this and loves it. And that is all the testimony I need.
  8. concealer $33 – Again, a product I never used to use because of the potential dangers. Now, I’m a fan. Sometimes I wear only this.
  9. Lip Sheer $32 – These are so light and nourishing. Love them. And I hadn’t worn lipstick in about 20 years because I always hated how heavy it felt and how quickly it dried my lips out.
  10. cream Blusher $38 – My SIL introduced me to this one. I’ve always loved a good bronzer and this cream version stays on longer than a lot of powders. They also make a more traditional blush color.

The price on all the make up products is especially competitive in my experience. As I said, I’ve never been a big make up wearer but I was super picky and always looking for the cleanest stuff you can find, and even the unclean stuff is expensive.

Please reach out to me with questions about products and how to use them. Your questions help me to get better at my job.

Whether you use Beautycounter products or not, I hope you are finding cleaner solutions for yourself and your family.

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1 thought on “My Top 10 Beautycounter Favorites

  1. Lauren, I really enjoyed your videos. I had to look at them after Laddie went to bed. I intend on replacing my make up, shampoo, etc., as I run out. I believe your prices are very competitive. I look forward to my next order. Blessings your way.
    Lynn Gatling

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