Birthday Work

Just a quick little note about birthdays as a mom. Yesterday I turned 36. I’m too busy these days to get into any philosophical discourse about what it feels like to be getting older so that’s probably a good thing! Lately I am pretty bad at making plans, especially when it comes to any “free”… Read More Birthday Work

Birthdays, Celebration

Birthday Boy

Little Luke turned 6 years old yesterday. I LOVE celebrating their birthdays. Getting to say YES to everything all day long is like a dream come true for both of us. Yes, you can have donuts and bacon for breakfast and ham and bacon for dinner (real requests). Yes, you can have a new bike!… Read More Birthday Boy


And just like that . . .

Somehow 7 years have passed since my first baby was born. It feels like a blur, the craziest, most awesome roller coaster ride. The fair doesn’t have a thing on motherhood. I have much to tell about our weekend and life in general these days but I’ve been working hard trying to get this new… Read More And just like that . . .