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Birth Story: 35 Years Old

This story comes to you from one of my favorite women, my mother. When I was thinking about this birth story series, I emailed the friends that I thought would be interested. Then I remembered my own mother.
I have heard this story many times in my life and never with any trace of remorse or sadness (other than wishing the epidural had worked!). I think that my mother’s attitude toward my imperfect arrival is part of what makes me sad anytime I hear of another mother’s grief over her birth experience.
I want every mother to see the strength and beauty she possesses.
When I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, I was soooo excited!  All of my friends were having babies and they were so cute.  Good reason to have a baby, right?  Seriously, I always knew I wanted children.  I think I told my parents I wanted either 4 or 6.  The first 3 months of my pregnancy were horrible!  I threw up everything I ate and then some.  I lost 10 pounds and my doctor said I might have to go to the hospital, if I didn’t stop losing weight.
Malcolm (my husband) tried to cook for me; but I needed my Mom.  She was on a once in a lifetime trip and was in no hurry to get home.  They (my parents) had been gone 3 months when they finally came home.  Whew!  She came to get me and took me to their house.  Hallelujah!  After  about a week, I was feeling much better and was able to go back home.  Thank you, Mom!
The rest of my pregnancy, I felt good!  Malcolm and I would try to take daily walks; sometimes with our neighbor and one of my best friends, LeeAnne Jackson or sometimes family.  We lived in the country so we mostly walked in the woods on our neighbors property with lots of dogs in tow.  We had 2 dogs, Moses & Sam.  Moses was part golden retriever-part just huge dog.  Sam was a cock-a-poo-poo and my first baby.  LeeAnne and her parents had 4 or 5 dogs that went on walks with us, too.  Damien, a great dane, Dolly, an afghan hound, Candy? just plain cute.  I don’t remember the other ones.
The day I went into labor we were getting ready to go to a USC football game.  It was noon, one week before she was due to arrive.  The labor was very hard and the epidural did not work for me.  The doctor decided to perform a c-section. Thank you, Lord! When I found out my baby was a little girl, I was delighted!  What Mom doesn’t want a girl to do girl stuff with? The moment she was born, oh my goodness, we were forever changed.  Lauren Elizabeth Jones was the most beautiful, exquisite baby I had ever seen!   She weighed in at 7 lbs. 3 oz on October 3, 1981 at 9:40 PM.  The bible says ” Every good and perfect gift is from above……” James 1:17.   We hit the mother lode.   Nothing could be finer then to be her Mama!
REJOICE LADIES! You did it! You brought a tiny, unique human into the world! Feel proud and grateful, like the superwoman, badass, goddess that you are.
And if you haven’t had a baby yet, know that there is nothing wrong with wanting things to go a certain way. Stay flexible and love yourself and you will have the perfect delivery.

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