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What’s in my Hospital Bag

Every week I read about what is going on with the baby. I usually check, babycenter and I don’t know why I go to multiple sites, they usually have the same information. Sometimes the baby is the size of a cantaloupe, sometimes it’s a butternut squash. Right now, I think he’s the size of the world’s largest watermelon. Major discomfort going on!

Anyway, I read a couple of weeks ago that I should get my hospital bag packed. I had time today to gather some things. A lot of it will be last minute stuff. Here are the things that I like to have with me:

  1. One or two nice pairs of pajamas. We went home 24 hours after Elle’s birth so one pair of pj’s was all I needed. I’m hoping to do that again.
  2. Slippers and socks
  3. Nursing bras and/or tanks
  4. Comfortable underwear (I actually prefer the meshy ones that the hospital gives you but I always bring my own, just in case.)
  5. Going home from the hospital outfit for myself. After Elle’s birth, I was still too big for my planned outfit so I ended up leaving in the clothes I arrived in. Boo. I am going to be better prepared this time.
  6. Things for the baby – You really don’t need anything for the baby except for an outfit to go home in and a car seat. The hospital has everything else – hat, blanket, shirt, diapers, wipes. But I like to have a couple of outfits and blankets of my own. If we could decide on the baby’s name, I’d get a few outfits monogrammed!
  7. Toiletries – everything! Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste and stuff for Luke too!
  8. Post delivery care items like witch hazel and dermaplast. Read more about this in my article “Breast and Vagina Care Post Delivery.
  9. Breast pads – Even though my milk won’t come in until I’m home (if things go according to “plan”), I will probably pack a few breast pads just in case.
  10. Heating pad – After Elle, my uterus contracting back to normal was very painful. This helped tremendously.
  11. Pillows – I’m a pillow snob.
  12. Bluetooth speaker – I have always liked to have music playing when my babies were born.
  13. Stuff for Luke. He will need pillows, blankets, clothes, etc. He usually packs himself.
  14. Food – I usually pack a few food items, mostly for Luke. Otherwise, he tries to eat my delicious hospital meals. Ha! Mama’s hungry after giving birth.

What am I leaving out? . . . if you can think of anything, comment below!

For Baby

All of my boys have come home in this little train outfit. The other two outfits are just cute and cozy. The blanket in the background was a handmade gift from Fleet’s birth. And I love Aden + Anais swaddle blankets (with elephants). I have to show serious restraint to not order more. (Check out these from Spearmint baby, they are so cute!)

For Mama

Gray maternity pajama bottoms from Old Navy, nursing top from Target (it has slits in the sides, so nifty), deer pajamas from Old Navy (these aren’t maternity, they’re just oversized regular pj’s), maternity tank from Target, best slippers ever from Acorn and my favorite Smartwool Socks. Not pictured are the nursing tanks I ordered today from Target and a nursing bra.

I got this Scout bag this week from Rhodes Boutique in South Windemere. I love their bags plus they’re a local company and I always like to support local. I purchased one last year for a beach bag and it has held up really well. It’s super easy to clean. We decided that we are no longer a one beach bag family so this bag will double for beach trips and over nights.

5 weeks isn’t long but I’m feeling pretty uncomfortable. The kids are out of school next Friday so pray for me after that! AHH!

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