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I’m still not really sure what happened at my house a couple nights ago. The baby was sick. Like so sick he only wanted to snuggle and sleep. So I surrendered. I laid down on my bed and turned on Netflix. I stopped on Marie Kondo’s show, Tidying Up. About 20 minutes in, I was itching to get to her first step in her trademark, Konmari method, of tidying up: clothing.

I gently slid Charlie Mac off of my chest and onto my bed, grabbed a drawer and started refolding. For any of you who have seen her show, I skipped the first step of throwing all clothing in the bed. I rotate my closet every season so I regularly get rid of stuff.

I did one drawer and was hooked. I could actually SEE all the shirts in my drawer rather than digging through a stack, unable to find anything. I did my pants drawer, my socks, bras, undies. Then I tackled Luke’s drawers. He has about 500 t-shirts and 200 board shorts so this was a little daunting. I hate his drawers. I normally stuff his folded clothing into his overflowing drawers and cross my fingers that the whole dresser doesn’t just burst apart. But I did it and he loves it. He even got rid of some shirts and has keep everything organized. Even though it’s only been a week, I consider this to be a big accomplishment.

I moved on to the little’s drawers. Finally the big kids helped me do theirs. Lil Luke asked if we could buy more clothes so that he could keep folding and organizing. Mind blown. Um…no, we can’t buy more but there’s a HUGE stack of clean laundry in my room, it’s all yours, my friend!

Here’s the link to her site.

Sick babe
Wanted to be held constantly, we were happy to oblige.
Lil Luke was a folding fool
My shirts…I can actually SEE what’s in there!

We even made progress on the attic and garage . . . it was serious, ya’ll!

Happy Tidying

You guys know that I always love to support local friends, please check out my friend, Amy Kay who is particularly gifted at organizing and runs an incredible business while momming 3 babes. Check out de-cluttered here.

XOXO, Lauren

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