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 Newborns: Best Of

One day last week all of the big kids were at their grandparents houses. Luke and I were so tired that I asked my mom to come over and hang with C-Mac so that we could get some rest between feedings. After a much needed nap, I walked into the living room and my mom was holding him while sitting in one of our big white oversized chairs. He was laying in her lap with his head cradled in her hands between her knees. Her arms were holding his body. She was staring at him, the way I stare at him, like he’s the most amazing thing EVER and I can’t believe my good fortune. Without looking up at me she said, “I was just thinking that this must be what Heaven is like.”

Right on, mama.

I’ve realized that the only thing I don’t like about newborns is the sleep deprivation. Otherwise, I’m totally smitten. Here are my top favorites.

They are so soft; their feet, their little heads, their arms, everything. And squishy! Look at those lips!

That newborn smell. Can someone please put that into a candle or something?

If you breastfeed, their poop literally doesn’t stink.

As my friend Andrew recently said about his new daughter, when she cries, “It makes me like you more.” Newborn cry is so sweet and pitiful . . . except between the hours of 1-5am.


When they are awake with a full belly, they will lay calmly and look around like they are taking it all in, not knowing that they are the most amazing thing in the room.

When you set them down somewhere, they stay put.

The faces they make.

They don’t seem to be bothered by loud noises which is especially good in this house.

Trying to wake them up to feed can be frustrating but also quite humorous. We’ve tried every trick in the book – diaper changes, Luke rubbing his scratchy beard on his belly, cold wash cloth, ice cubes on the feet and sometimes nothing works and you just have to give up and try again later. For some reason this is seriously entertaining to Big Luke and I.

All of my kids have light colored or blonde hair but they all are born with darker hair on their shoulders and I don’t know why but I love it.

Funny little quirks like this…

I can’t help but wonder what misfired on the day(s) this ear was made. I love it.

All of their God-given reflexes like rooting, sucking, scare reflex (I recently learned that this is called “Moro reflex”), grasp reflex . . . it’s amazing that they are born with all of these things to help them survive.

When they are hungry, if you hold them up to your face, they will root around and try to eat your face. Funny little things.

They are so snugly. Charlie Mac loves to be held. If he’s fussy, he will calm down and fall asleep in a heart beat if you hold him. And really, I just want to hold him all day anyway.

What was your favorite thing about your newborn(s)?




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