Lifelong Love: My Niece

My niece is the first person that I have loved since before she was born. The night I found out that she was to be, I cried crazy, happy tears.

The day she was born, I was returning from my high school graduation trip to the Bahamas. I went straight to the hospital and met this perfect little person. I was overwhelmed with love for her and her mother and my brother.

This baby graduated high school last week. People say that time flies and they are right. Yesterday she was 3 years old helping me decorate a cake and she was 7 years old swimming like a shark at the pool and she was 12 years old bringing our family together with board games and laughs … memories that I will never forget.

Now she’s 18 and headed to college in a few months. She’s smart and thoughtful and patient and one thousand other amazing things. I am lucky to know her.

We went to her graduation party last week. Here are some pics from the day.

Carly, me and what is looking to be a very large baby boy.

My gorgeous (inside and out!) bro and SIL!

They had a memory jar out asking people to write down their favorite memory. Fleet wrote, “My favorite memory is when you hug me.”

Clockwise – Carly was the flower girl at our wedding. One of her birthday parties (6yo maybe?). Luke and I took her kayaking out to Morris Island. Carly holding one of her twin bro/sis.

There is something really cool about loving someone from before they are born up to adulthood. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for her.

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