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DIY Skeleton Costume

Last year the kids were all skeletons for Halloween. These costumes were really fun to make and the kids were able to get involved.



  1. Black legging/pants and shirt. I got these at Wal-mart for $3.88 each.
  2. White fabric pant. I used white puffy pant. It didn’t really come out “puffy” because of how we painted it on.
  3. Paint brushes
  4. Black sharpie
  5. Skeleton template. I used Elle’s costume which was basically skeleton pajamas from Old Navy. You can also find images on the internet.
  6. Face paint if you want. Luke found skeleton face paint images that he just copied.


  1. Draw the skeleton outline using sharpie onto the black outfit.
  2. Use the paint to outline the drawing.
  3. I got the kids to fill it in using the paint and paintbrushes with some help from me.

That’s it! So simple!


Here you can see the sharpie on the outfit. I like the black sharpie because if you make any big mistakes they wouldn’t be real visible, especially at night. img_6018-3


The final product . . . pretty stinkin’ cute!



Elle is just wearing skeleton pajamas with a tutu and headband.


We had to take Luke’s paint off right after the picture. He didn’t like it. It was hot last year and I think it was kinda itchy.




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