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A Few of my Favorite Things . . .

Who has seen The Sound of Music? This was my favorite movie as a kid. It handles some pretty serious issues but as I kid, I just loved all the singing. Hence my title today!

This is a random one folks! I am loving all this stuff lately . . . It’s mostly food and drinks which pretty much says where my mind is.

I’m obsessed with this wine. It’s called Vino Verde. My SMIL introduced it to me. She discovered it on a trip to Portugal years ago. Apparently it has only recently become available in the U.S. It’s a “young” wine. You can find the brand pictured below for $4.99 at Trader Joe’s but everywhere else it seems to run closer to $10 and the Trader Joe’s version tastes better than the more expensive one’s I’ve tried.

Cigar City Brewing – Jai Alai White Oak India Pale Ale  – We found this beer on our recent trip to the NC mountains. It’s yummy and interesting with hints of vanilla and coconut. They’re very subtle because normally I don’t like flavored beers. I’m not sure where to find it in SC, maybe Total Wine or Bottles? If anyone finds it, let me know where!


Westbrook One Claw – Charleston Brewed – This is my favorite local brew. Love it.

Grits – If you are from the south, chances are you like grits. We LOVE grits and not those instant kind . . . they need to be stone ground and local. We just discovered these. They are amazing.

This local rice tastes like it already has a ton of butter in it . . . so creamy.

We eat so many pancakes. We are always wishing they were better for you. My FIL introduced us to these awhile ago. They are yummy and have nutritional value. I ordered a case from Amazon. I’m not sure where you could find them locally.

Chobani Flips – Where have these been all my life?? For some reason adding a few simple ingredients to yogurt is amazing. Chobani is also a really awesome company. The founder has been in the news a lot lately featured as an American success story – an immigrant who now helps other immigrants.

I’ve avoided wearing a bathing suit until this week (we are at the lake). I have about 15 pounds to loose. Here’s a pic that one of the kids snapped of me that left my jaw hanging open, that belly. But I did just have my fourth baby 5 weeks ago and of course it’s going to take me longer to get back to “normal.” And look at that little nugget I’m holding . . . totally worth it.

I got this swimsuit before Charlie Mac was born but I knew that it’d be a great post baby suit. And it is THE BEST. I LOVE it. The top rides up a bit when swimming so I just tuck it into the bottoms. Here is the link if you are interested TANKINI & BOTTOMS.

Side note: First time paddle boarding and it’s actually pretty fun. Plus my paddle buddy is way cute.

I love pedicures but don’t have the time to go get one or give myself one so for now, I am dreaming of these two colors.

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