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Last Day + Summer Wardrobe

I know I promised to keep it light for the rest of the week, but this is just a heavy week. Today was my last day at The Backpacker and it was bittersweet. I’m excited about what’s next but I’ve loved my job. My Dad was such a sweetheart today. He had a doctor’s appointment that he skipped so he wouldn’t miss any time with me. We both came close to tears many times. I’ve worked at the store off and on since I was 11 years old. I’ve had the honor of working with 5 different cousins, both of my brothers, two uncles, my dad and too many friends to count. And I’ve gotten to bring two of my babies to work with me until they were 9 months old. It was never “just a job.” As I was leaving today, my dad said, “I want you to be joyful and happy.” And I am but I’m a little sad too.


Baby shenanigans at the store. I will never forget these times.

Now, onto “keeping it light” . .

I’ve been working on this post for a few days. I don’t do clothing posts often, but I’ve been drooling over these things. I plan to wear them as soon as I can squeeze my post baby body into them which might not be until next summer 🙁

This blog is really about making life easier and more focused for MOMS. And you know what, we have to wear clothes. I am always on the hunt for cute stuff that I can wear everyday. Everything below is kid friendly i.e comfortable and easy to wash/wear. They are also forgiving for those of us who need that. Click on the images for links. (This is NOT a sponsored post, these are truly things that I like from brands that I know well.)

This top has crocheted detail along the bottom hem. It also comes in a navy and white stripe.


This lightweight linen-feel top has embroidery and small poof-ball detail along the bottom hem. Love it.

Same fabric as the top above but in a fully lined dress. It’s available in grey and peach as well. It has pockets!

One of the best shorts that I’ve ever owned. They have elastic along the back so they are super comfie. They also have a linenish look. They come in a few other colors as well.

Love this maxi! It has pockets!

 I love the crochet detail on this top. It goes across the back as well. It comes in a really pretty bright pink as well.

Love this dress, it’s long but not quite a maxi. Plus its loose and flowy.

I’ve had a pair of shorts that are really similar to these for several years. I was excited to see these this year!

Love this work out top. The print is so pretty plus it’s a great fabric. It’s loose and has a cute back. Wear your own bra.

This meshy fabric top looks perfect. I love that it’s loose!

I’m obsessed with all things Freefly. They are a local company that uses bamboo fabrics. They are so soft and the silhouettes are perfect. Nothing is too clingy and all the necklines are really flattering. I live in this stuff. And the shorts . . . I have them in 4 colors. They are all I wear. I had to get myself a large pair to wear right now because I can’t live without them!

 Happy Shopping!

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