And just like that . . .

Somehow 7 years have passed since my first baby was born. It feels like a blur, the craziest, most awesome roller coaster ride. The fair doesn’t have a thing on motherhood.

I have much to tell about our weekend and life in general these days but I’ve been working hard trying to get this new site up and running so I am just going to focus on this precious boy’s birthday.

We started the day off at 6:45am with a golf cart ride to Sunrise Park with Fleet, Luke and myself. We got to see a beautiful sunrise and find some shells and sharks teeth. Fleet was so happy that it was his birthday. He kept telling us “thank you” every time we found him a new shell. I found a pretty neat shark’s tooth and he said, “I think this might be my best gift all day.” HEART MELTED.


Then we headed to the skate park, at Fleet’s request. I think he would have stayed there all day. That boy loves it, just like his daddy.

After, his Tutu treated us to lunch at Lewis’s BBQ. Um, YUM. Beef brisket, smoked turkey, ribs, corn pudding and cowboy beans. Delish. That place has a really cool atmosphere.

After a brief rest at the house for Elle’s (and mama’s) nap time. We headed up to Garage 75 to play some arcade games. They LOVE doing this.

I went and had lunch with Fleet at school today.

As much as I love words, I really don’t  have the right ones to describe this boy and my love for him. It feels futile to even try. But let me say that he’s way better than anything I could have ever imagined. He loves to organize and reorganize. He loves to snuggle his “google” and his mama. He works hard at trying to figure out what’s right and how to apply it to his life. He loves his siblings and is happiest when playing with both of them. He likes being the boss of his brother, which his brother occasionally allows. And he just loves everything about his sister. He is definitely a first born and it suits him well.

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